The white variety Vilana

Η λευκή ποικιλία Βηλάνα

THE Crete has a wine tradition of 4,000 years? This is confirmed by the discoveries in the area of Kato Zakros where the oldest cultivated vineyard was found, while in Archanes, the oldest wine press, over 3,500 years old.With such a history and periods of great glamor, Cretan wine is a product completely tied to the life of the island’s inhabitants while the participation in wine events and the setting of relevant festivals is a tradition that lasts until today. But tradition and love for wine were combined with knowledge and technology. These are the bases for today’s quality wine of Crete that you will have the opportunity to try during your stay on the island! The grapes are grown with special care in an area carefully selected and designed to make the best use of the most useful elements of the land and climate.The Cretan land is full of treasures that open new wine horizons to wine lovers who will enjoy them! Favorable soil-climatic conditions give the excellent grape varieties, from which come the wonderful wines that accompany and highlight the flavors of one of the richest and healthiest cuisines in the world. The New Generation of Cretan Wines in combination with the most complete and renowned local cuisine, Cretan, will give your trip an enjoyable wine-gastronomic dimension.Although it is the most planted white variety of the island, Vilana only in recent years was able to reveal all aspects of its charm, as modern winemaking methods have helped it retain all the freshness of its character, and give us – through the PDO wines but also through other interesting blends and single-variety bottling – the delicate aroma and the lemonade, its refreshing taste.

Production Area

PDO Peza –
In the blend for PDO Siteia

Aromas and Flavors

Volume 3/5
Body 3/5
Acidity 3/5
Alcohol 3/5
Tannins 3/5