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  TYPES OF BEER There are different types of beer depending on: The type of raw materials used The type of yeast used to make them. The alcohol content The color The calories 1.1. Categorization according to the type of raw materials used Beer is traditionally made from barley malt, hops, yeast and water. Part


Centrifugal olive oil separator for industrial scale mills – Sigma 8 The new Alfa Laval Sigma 8 two-phase centrifugal olive oil separator takes industrial-scale olive oil extraction to a new level. The Sigma 8 combines excellent performance, operational reliability and excellent product quality with minimal operating costs. With high-capacity processing capabilities, the Sigma 8 is

Η λευκή ποικιλία Βηλάνα

THE Crete has a wine tradition of 4,000 years? This is confirmed by the discoveries in the area of Kato Zakros where the oldest cultivated vineyard was found, while in Archanes, the oldest wine press, over 3,500 years old.With such a history and periods of great glamor, Cretan wine is a product completely tied to

Olive Oil Booster The Alfa Laval Olive Oil Booster is a combination of different technologies that work together for optimal results and increased revenue for the mills. Olive Oil Booster can maximize the yield of olive oil, while ensuring that the quality of the product is significantly improved compared to traditional technology. Thanks to Alfa

Specialty coffees

Specialty coffees

Specialty coffees come from areas where we find the ideal conditions for growing quality coffee and their quantities are limited. This is because the producers have paid special attention to a single farm or a part of it, as well as to the way it is cultivated, collected, sorted and processed. The terroir, the microclimate

IPA India pale ale the most world-famous beer

Perhaps the most world-famous beer , it began its journey about two centuries ago, at the same time as the gigantism of British colonialism. A new kind of beer had to be made, for the hot climate of India, and the long sea voyage from old Albion to the military and other personnel living in