Centrifugal olive oil separator for industrial scale mills – Sigma 8

The new Alfa Laval Sigma 8 two-phase centrifugal olive oil separator takes industrial-scale olive oil extraction to a new level. The Sigma 8 combines excellent performance, operational reliability and excellent product quality with minimal operating costs. With high-capacity processing capabilities, the Sigma 8 is ideal for large-scale olive growers.

Alfa Laval olive oil decanter centrifuge for industrial scale production

Olive oil separators with high efficiency and low operating costs

The Alfa Laval Sigma 8 is the latest addition to Alfa Laval’s line of two-phase separators for olive oil extraction. Thanks to over 50 years of experience developing separators for olive oil production, the new Sigma 8 features many innovations that ensure high performance, excellent flavor and nutrient retention, low operating costs and long service life.

Alfa Laval olive oil separators have a very good name in terms of reliable operation. Their robust design proves to withstand difficult operating conditions during the harvest season over time, in olive mills of all sizes.

First in olive oilWith Alfa Laval as your partner, specialist help is just a phone call away. The network of specialized service engineers and service centers is ready to support you with all types of service and spare parts.

  • Excellent extraction performance, even at high flow rates, thanks to the unique design of the Sigma 8 transfer screw and drum
  • Low energy and water consumption
  • Very low solids content in the extracted oil, resulting in a lower load in the next clearing step and reduced downtime for rinsing the high speed separator
  • Excellent oil quality thanks to the gentle handling of the product and the minimal heating
  • Tungsten carbide wear protection: feed belt and solid outlet liner, tungsten carbide plates on conveyor blade (full length)
olive oil decanter centrifuge Alfa Laval

First in performance

The Alfa Laval Sigma 8 is designed for high performance. The drum is larger than in traditional separators. Combined with a fluid outlet that is very close to the feed zone, this increases the retention time on the separator and, in turn, the output efficiency. The Sigma 8 operates with a thin layer of oil mass and at a high differential speed (ie the transfer screw rotates at a significantly higher speed than the drum), allowing the extraction of oil with high efficiency at high flow rates.

Olive Oil clarification or purification

First in flavors

With an Alfa Laval Sigma 8, you ensure that all the flavors and nutrients of the oil remain intact during export. For high product quality, it is important to minimize the heat generated by the forces acting on the pulp and the oil in the separator. The unique feed zone of a Sigma 8 gently accelerates the pulp very gently. In combination with a special outlet of the liquid that ejects the oil very close to the axis of rotation, they result in the minimum heating and the highest possible product quality.

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First in operation time

The durable design of an Alfa Laval Sigma 8 ensures reliable operation in difficult conditions. The supply zone and the solid outlet are lined with tungsten carbide for extra protection against wear, while the transfer screw is protected by tungsten carbide tiles. These components are easily replaced when required, while the extra protection increases the wear resistance fivefold.

Olive oil processing industrial scale

First in economy of olive oil production

The Alfa Laval Sigma 8 is characterized by low operating costs. The two-phase operation keeps the water and energy consumption low, while the process does not produce any water waste. Alfa Laval splitters feature a number of technical innovations that minimize power consumption, such as a single VFD-controlled power supply zone and specially designed oil and solid outlets.