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Espresso coffee Pellini Verde 1 kgr


A mixture designed for professional coffee bars and coffee lovers, who are looking for an excellent espresso with a velvety texture and aroma of roasted coffee enriched with notes of honey, licorice and cocoa flowers.



Pellini coffee

Pellini coffee is synonymous with quality and great passion. The company selects only the best coffee crops, also taking care to respect the plantation workers. The product is processed with the utmost care to highlight every feature of the selected coffee beans. A real team takes care of the coffee selection: Pellini specialists go to the plantations that work with the company to select the best Arabica and Robusta coffees, which they are then skillfully processed and blended to form Caffè Pellini blends. Caffè Pellini is a company valued not only by individual consumers but also by restaurants and bars across Europe, in fact, Pellini is a brand widely used in catering industry to offer coffee customers that is always great
What distinguishes a Pellini espresso can be understood at a glance: a hazelnut-colored cream with reddish streaks, which indicates a 100% Arabica blend, perfect for both baking and preparation.

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