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Μαζί σας από το 1989

Saquella Crema Dolce espresso coffee


A blend of the best Santos varieties of Brazil and India with a slightly chocolatey taste and an intense, full aftertaste that lasts.

Moderate caffeine content
Body: 5/5
Roasting: medium
Flavor & aroma: rounded flavor with chocolate notes.
Final result in the cup: with rich cream. Recommended for cold freddo drinks with milk and ice cubes.
Aftertaste: intense and lasting.




Tradition : The most historic espresso. It was founded in 1856, 5 years before the unification of Italy and the creation of the modern Italian state !!! The 5th generation of the Saquella family is already active in the company.

Quality : Just open a bag and examine the beans. The careful selection of origins, the thorough control of all batches, the art of blending and roasting, the harmonious coexistence of cutting-edge technology and a century of experience are evident every time you try a Saquella espresso. For this reason the company holds a leading position in Central Italy and Sicily in the field of premium cafés and restaurants.

Export orientation : With a strong export orientation since the 70’s. It operates in more than 40 countries. 50% of sales take place outside Italy. Exports increase by 20% every year.

Authenticity / Italianness : Despite its clear export orientation, the company remains reverently committed to the Italian tradition.

Dynamism : Up to sales with double-digit% growth over a number of years.

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