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Μαζί σας από το 1989

Beer Solo Agriada (wild fermentation beer) 0.75 l


Its free fermentation and maturation took place in oak barrels of orange wine from indigenous varieties of the Cretan vineyard – Plyto and Vidiano – which bequeathed to it unique aromas from the wood and wine they hosted, giving us a beer with deep sharpness and intense beauty. aromatic universe. A beer that conspires with time, the history of the Belgian Lambic, the vinification and the magic of nature, paying tribute to its greatness.


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Originally from Crete, Solo is not just any beer but a craft beer with a soul. Proud, delighted and irreconcilable by nature, grafted with the obsession that good beer is a human right, Solo is not for the few but for all who desire a perfect beer. Far more than that, Solo does not make beer based on commercialism but creates and experiments by inviting her ubiquitous friends to interact, advocating that craft beer means above all human contact. In short, Solo takes on flesh and blood through human beings, companionship, friendship, sharing ideas, feelings and all those who value our moments.

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