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Μαζί σας από το 1989

Dark Crops American Pale Ale II 0.33 lt


Dark Crops APA II, has a copper-red color, with dense, creamy, white foam of long duration! Gentle aromas of citrus, bread, caramel and hops can be distinguished. Her body is medium and with medium carbohydrates. The taste is wonderful, thirsty, hoppy , sweet with soft notes of conifers, and a medium-sized bittersweet aftertaste.



Vassilis Segkos does not remember exactly how he came in contact with the home brewery. “I probably saw something on the Internet around 2010. It seemed very strange to me that it is possible to make beer at home. My first thought was that I would make a beer without any hops so that it would not be bitter at all. Of course I never did and I got on the right track early on using huge amounts of hops to make those who try my beers grin like they sucked pen ink. ”
He then started winning medals in competitions in Greece and America (where he came out 3rd) and suspected that he was probably good at brewing beer. “The domestic market had the classic kiosk beers of the multinationals, and the microbreweries, then, wanted to make something similar. I did not have money for a brewery, so I thought of making 2-3 recipes in another brewery “.